Kimi Ni Todoke... & the other too

Anyone?? do anyone watch Kimi ni Todoke ?? I really love that anime
that anime make me laugh and cry.. so Romantic
Especially the second season... Poor Kazehaya

So do I love Ouran High School Host Club..
it so funny and romantic...
Why is Hani-senpai always look cute?? I 'm jealous you know

I also watch Maid-Sama... It's so funny and also sad anime
but, I like it when Usui confess to Misaki...really love that part!

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4 Responses Apr 25, 2012

I freaking love Kimi ni todoke !!! Kazehaya <3
Oh I remember Ouran, it was like one of the first animes i ever watched.
Maid Sama is absolutely amazing, misaki and usui make such an awesome couple!! You should watch Special A and Skip Beat, they're really good aswell. (:

I havent seen the anime but im reading the manga, on volume 3 now

I love those animes! You should also watch clannad, it's my #1!!! i love it :D

I am going to watch it soon when I have free time, I have bookmarked the link to watch. ^__^

YES! watch it! good good! I'm sorry but its super great! well, to me :)

I like anime so much I can't get enough! X)