I Miss My Mom And Dad

My life was good until that very night in October 2 2009 my dad just died while I was sleeping next to him I started crying and crying time passed I was okay I was 8 at the time about to turn 9 on November 6 from time to time I got placed in a foster home or group home I wasn't happy at all I felt depressed until I came back with her until I came back once again I felt tortured at the time I went to a hospital because I got bacerated I stayed there for 6 days then returned to a group home I was back with my mom then my and mom and brother were reunited but then got back to a foster home although she died when I was in one November 20, 14 days after my birthday I felt terrible I told her bad things that I now regret and will always regret for the rest of my life and I will hate myself forever and ever for that I am 12 right now and currently in a foster home I cried and cried and right now I'm just holding my emotions deep inside I can't stand to think that my mom and dad died it makes me feel terrible and makes me feel super duper sad at times I think about all the good times and I smile but currently I'm sad and will always be if I was there I could have done something but I wasn't I'm crying as I write this to hope all of you get better with your situations :) ;(
Amber43211 Amber43211
Dec 3, 2012