Making A Anime Story

Well people I am making my own japanese anime story if anyone wants to join my story then comment.I will let anyone in if they want to be in it.
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6 Responses Dec 9, 2012

Do u have private i need you to tirn it off so i can message u

oh. what's next?

Sounds fun! :D

^^ u can be in it if u want

So cool. My friend and I were thinking of making one two.

Well there are 3 legendary warriors in recent time of Japan.The 3 warriors have the symbols on their bodies.The symbols on the body have amazing power. but the 3 warriors also have a normal life to go to school.They live in Kyoto,Japan

Ooh I like <3

^.^ thank you im glad you like it

Oh what's your plot going to be? I love anime/manga.