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I like Sailor Moon, Cardcaptor Sakura, Hamtaro and Pokemon, the things I grew up watching and loving. Would you consider Domo to be anime? I not sure if he is I do have a Domo figurine. At Barnes&Noble they sell the sailor moon manga series, I have one through five, I think the series ends at eight. But the tax and price on these books just went up so I may just be stuck at five.

Anyway, no one loves anime as much as my brothers. There new muse is buying these really expensive dolls from Japan. I am not sure what they are called, but I do know that they come from some school girl themed series. They kind of creep me out because most of them look really young, like twelve or eight, but my twin brother tells my they are like eighteen. They just look so freakin' young. Some of them have huge assets (if you catch my drift) and are part animal.

There love goes farther than mine. I think it's because I don't want to still be seen as a child or as immature with what little anime I have. My parents don't really understand it, they call it "That freaky s**t" usually in reference to my brothers. They only toys I have are my Domo figurine,my Einstein figurine, and my Build a Bear koalas that I have had for a while (I received one when I was six and the second one when I was twelve). Oh and my Cardcaptors poster, which is the only thing I have left of Cardcaptors. The same goes for Sailor Moon. I have nothing for Hamtaro-I had a hamster named Hamtaro but he died.

I just don't want to be perceived as trying to be a kid, when I'm not. None of my friends are into anime, and I think my brothers are too into anime. If that's possible. My brothers go all out with shirts, pillow cases, posters, games, books, and figures. I just wonder what they do with them. And it's not like I am judging them or anyone. If it sounds like I am, I'm sorry. I am just buying the books as a reminder. My username is named after Sailor Venus, even though Sailor Mercury is my favorite. It's not like those books are the only books I have (in the case of my brothers they are the only books they have), I have several other books that are totally irrelevant to Sailor Moon. I have my anime stuff for the reminiscent value. I loved sailor moon as a kid, and I guess as a young adult it's okay to have the manga. Right?
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Jan 14, 2013