I didn't discover it until...

I didn't discover it until a few years into college. My first anime was Ranma 1/2, introduced to us by a friend from Thailand. Didn't get to watch but a few episodes, though. Then I started on Sailor Moon. Eventually finished that one (found out I mostly liked the manga better). Then someone on campus started an anime club, & I got involved in that for a couple of years. Through that, I was introduced to a number of different anime series, like Escaflowne, Ushio & Tora, Tenchi Muyo!, FLCL, Trigun, Cowboy Bebop, DigiCarat, etc. Didn't like all of them, but it was enough to whet my appetite for anime. One of my favorites is Tenchi Muyo!(I love Washu!!) I also read manga.
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Haven't heard of the first two. Never actually saw Ghost in the Shell, because it didn't appeal to me.