Anyone like/watched Akuma no riddle ?
OmegaGod OmegaGod
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1 Response Aug 21, 2014

Is that one good? I've wondered about watching it.

Well Its my favourite anime so far :33

Oh yeah? Well, that seems like a recommendation.

What other shows have you seen and liked? (Checking if we have the same taste in shows. Haha.)

x) well I started Tokyo Ghouls, its pretty good so far. I also started No.6, also pretty good x). Mhm, I like Infinite stratos, Code Geass, Panty and Stocking ( its just so random xD ), Shaman king and erm... Oh, also DMW and corpse party xD

And also, even if its not an anime, Game of thrones is real good :333

Tokyo Ghoul's pretty fresh, huh? I'm liking it, too!
Yeah Game of Throne's pretty good, huh? Hahaha. Though, one friend's complaining about the fourth season, but I had fun.

Did you watch the fourth season ?

Yahuh, I did.

Cool x) Me I'm only missing the last episode, I'm really wondering what will happen to Tyrion since Prince Oberyn lost xd

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