A Question For All You Idiots

Have you all ever noticed that this anime deal is totally off the way. These anime cartoon characters are supposed to be japanese or something right. Why the hell are their eyes as big as day when japanese are known for their trademark slim eyes? Why do they have long legs and short torso's when real Japanese people are notorious for have short legs and long torso's? Why do the characters have all this freaky hair when actually japanese people have straight black hair? I mean do you see a lot of japanese people with natural blonde and red hair? Also why do these cartoons have huge butts that stick out and big breaks when the Japanese are known for NOT have big butts and breasts? Their idea od big breasts are a C cup. And they have no ***** AT ALL!! So (if these are Japanese characters) WHY DON'T THEY LOOK JAPANESE??!!!!
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Anime is for entertainment purposes not for real life.I enjoy anime because its so unbelievable that is the point of entertainment.And one of the reasons why they are called Japanese anime or Japanese Animation is do to the fact that it is made in Japan.<br />
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I love Japanese animation or (ANIME) because of the way they look and act not because I believe they look like real Japanese people but because they are entertaining. <br />
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If you personally have a problem with them not looking like real Japanese people then just don't watch Japanese anime.

Big eyes show more empathy and trust which is why American cartoons tend to fare poorly there, also the strange and eccentric hair styles help denote characters from one another.

No one likes ignorant fools. You should try not to let your stupidity show so blatantly.

Lets be honest, would you watch an anime if all the characters looked like actual Japaneses people. It would be kind of boring to have nothing but short, dark-haired, narrow eyed people running around. And before anyone gets on my case, I'm not racist. I just think that maybe the animators want to draw different than what they see everyday. And I for one am thankful they do.

plus in the world of anime big eyes =inosance <br />
and tha tstyle of animation is just that a style just like vango paintings are different from Michele<br />
Lanalo( please forgive spelling))) <br />
Plus if you study the different styleof american animation such as Chuck jone verus Hanna and<br />
Barbarra.<br />
So like I said it just a style of Animation

The big eyes was actually Osama Tezuka mimicing early Disney and cartoons of the west (Bambi, Betty Boop, etc) because the style helped his characters show distinct emotion.<br />
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As for the hair, breast size, and legs...well, their might be historical reasonings that I can't recall, but I'd just go with "you draw what you like" and call it a day. I mean, going by the Western comic book market, you'd think every single American girl has a voluptuous DD breast size and 6 inch stomach and always wears 6 stiletto heels.

Actually manga can be traced back to medieval japanese picture scrolls, which predate the united states themselves, and they already had somewhat big eyes, presumably because they were very basic drawings and so needed them to better portray expressions and emotions.

Yeah my little animated character is not anime. And it looks just like me minus a few details. So it's not as ironic as you might think.

I like anime!!!<br />
<br />
That's all....

Now I like that answer missmia.

yeah it does

If you think anime is stupid then start a group about hating it......just because others don't share your views on this does not make them idiots at all!!

If your reasoning had grounds (like mine does) then I probably wouldn't be surprised for being called an idiot for indulging in something that is stupid.

Why are people idiots for enjoying what many would see as a form of art? Would you find it acceptable for me to call you an idiot for enjoying doing somthing that I didn't? NO!!

I dont understand why you think that they have to draw all their cartoons under what "they look like". I thought that was the point of animation.