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I love anime, and always have! I mean, starting with my childhood of Sailor Moon! I can still sing the theme song on cue! Ha ha, and now I am proud to say that I have gotten into an anime club and am the secretary. In my anime club, we sit and watch anime. My anime watching has expanded and I'm glad I get to watch all these awesome anime. (Secretly, its even more awesome to find anime with really bad subs. HAHA!) I'm surprised of all the anime I have watched ever. I've seen from the sad and depressing to the inane and cute to the melodrama. To name a few, "When They Cry" (awesome horror anime), "Baka no Test" (awesomely cute anime), "Lucky Star" (inane, no point, but I can't stop watching it!), and finally "Kannazuki no Miko" or the English title "Destiny of the Shrine Maidens" (so good, fav anime which I admit never saw in club, but it takes a certain taste to enjoy this one.) 

I hope to pass on the joy of Anime to my children. And go to conventions and dress them up. SO KAWAII! ^_^ Even thinking about doing an otaku wedding. ^_^ 

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It's strange how you can be into something and not even know it...It's like a musician playing a guitar and not realizing what he is...But ya, I love it too...Sometimes I'll reminisce about when I was young and try and find some of the old series...but they just aren't the same now... :(

I know. I was completely unaware until I was 13 too. Then I started getting into new anime. I still love it. ^_^

Sailor Moon was my first anime too! I was like 5, and every morning before school I would watch it. I actually never realized I liked anime until I was 13 believe it or not...I was just watching TV, and my favourite shows just happened to all be anime. One on my favourites as a kid was Cardcaptor Sakura...too bad it's really dull now imo and not all that exciting - but back then it was great!

When I was 5. Salior Moon was really new back then. I'm currently 19, and I'm still learning about new anime everyday. I'm grateful for my club because everyone brings in different anime. Its really awesome because we have older members who bring old school anime that was before or around Sailor Moon's time. ^_^

me too but wat age did u start watchin?

Well, besides being way too long. They are also way too mainstream. I dislike anime that gets too mainstream cuz then everyone is talking about it. There's more to anime than Bleach, Naruto, Dragonball Z, Death Note, etc. <br />
Besides, Dragonball Z's episodes are more charging up than actually speaking. (just kidding.) And its made for boys. @_@ Sailor Moon is a chick's anime. haha.

Do you really mean you don't like Dragonball Z and Naruto best?:O That's a shame.