True Romance

I especially am fond of the late 40's and 50's cars and trucks.  They speak to me, historically, as the country emerged from WWII, soldiers returned with money and dreams, and vehicles became an expression of the person rather than a utility.  They speak to me romantically, as the newfound passion for design added feeling and flair, and brought out opportunities for dates, making out, and fogging up the windows!  They speak to me of my childhood, having grown up with these sexy marvels all around me.  Their sweeping lines and inovative features capture my imagination; their later oppulance reflects a world where your image was everything, and their massiveness speaks to me of strength, power, and confidence. 

You might well say i am in love with them, and in a manner of speaking, that is true; i love the fine examples of times gone by, lovingly restored and maintained.  And yet, it deeply saddens me to see them sitting broken and neglected, starved for attention and care.  I wish I could save them all - all that have any life and personality left to project, anyway.


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I know what you mean, an I'm sorry that you had to give up your prize. Interesting you mention the Nova, aw i had a 70, as yellow as the truck in the icon, that I drove for several years.

Tiger....I know how you love cars, and wish my interest was more avid. It was fun to go the the car show with you, though!! I love you!!<br />
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