Linked To The Past

I've wandered the Eastern Slopes Of the Sierra Nevada Mountains. When I find an arrowhead, I hold it in my hands and examine it and ponder. I realize that this may me 4, or 5, or 600 hundred years old, maybe even a thousand or more. And I think, Wow some guy made this, it is his handiwork and it is real, and he was real, and at the time he made this he had things on his mind he had his family and he had experiences and they were real and they were important. But then, all those things that were once so meaningful were forgotten.

And now, here I stand, holding in my hand, this creation, by this guy, who for all intents and purposes has been forgotten. But I can't forget. I have this thing in my hand and it won't let me forget.  I will learn and I will remember and I will honor you.


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3 Responses Feb 7, 2010

Bet he never imagined that someone hundreds and hundreds of years later would find something he had made and think about him and honour him

I love it too. Finding a piece of the past actually feels special. To hold the ob<x>ject is a tangible treasure.

This is truly amazing the way you felt after holding the arrowhead in your went back and created so many beautiful facts (which might have been associated with the arrowhead in the past) in your are an emotional person and a deep thinker at the same time. I like this post...very well wriien.