Pharaoh's Helicopter?

Pharaoh's Helicopter?

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There are some very strange hieroglyphics in the Temple of Osiris at Abydos. According to many UFO enthusiasts and Atlantis proponents, these glyphs depict highly developed crafts, specifically a helicopter, a submarine, some form of flying saucer, and a jet plane. What are these inscriptions all about?

1 Is this an Ancient Aircraft?


AncientAircraft- 2 Another Ancient Aircraft?


MysteriousCylinder A Mysterious Flying Cylinder?
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3 Responses Feb 24, 2010

The "ancient aircraft" pics remind me of some gold "ornaments" that Erich von Daniken found in South America, and he hypothesised were copies or memories of aircraft that the civilisations there had once known about. The last illustration looks a bit like an Atlantean aerial transport device (I forget what they called them), which could travel both high in the atmosphere and underwater at goodly speeds, using the "Night-side" forces to operate them.

Those look more like 2-D craft from Atari games. I think the real discovery is that they were able to make these etchings move! Now to find the power source and the paddle... I hope it has 2 pla<x>yer mode!

No, I think the last one is either a secret microphone disguised as a pen or a prototype rabbit (bionic arm).