Past And Present

We started to write only recently, some 5.000 years ago only.  At the start it was pretty elementary and consisting of pictographic signs but very soon it developed into a very complex and intricate system of tiny abstract straight lines.

This in itself is curious and amazing.

As interesting is that there was a radical change of the shape of the stamps that served to seal the written documents. 

I think these stamps (many of them consisting of abstract motives and in use several millennia before the invention of writing), are tokens of a writing system that existed before the famous clay tablets of Mesopotamia, today's Iraq.

Before the invention of (cuneiform) writing, their form had been flat, like today's stamps.  But as soon as writing was invented they became cylinders with detailed representations of people, gods, plants and threes, animals. 

The mastership of the cutters was extraordinary.  The significance of the images they created is still highly enigmatic.  Their art developed over almost 3.000 years in the Middle-East, birthplace of modern man.


It is extraordinary that the people who lived then and who laid the foundations of science and literature can still speak to us.  Unfortunately many of these voices, preserved on the precious tablets, turned into dust under the wheels of war.

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Yes, we must appreciate our past to fully understand our present and anticipate the future.<br />
Lovely story, More. :)