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It Took Me Ages To Get Round To Doing It. But Now I Have...

I had fancied trying archery since a child when I used to cut sticks from the hedgerow and add a bit of string to make a bow. Then I used to shoot my dad's bamboo canes up the garden. (only broke one window in the greenhouse as far as I recall). When I was a bit older a schoolfriend had a real bow with real arrows, as his parents had been keen archers, as was his older brother. I used to love using that. A few years on from that at about 17 I got a little instruction while on a development course from work. I probably would have taken it up then but at the time I was totally engrossed in cycling.
Not until I was 43 did I have another go while on holiday and was pleased with how well I did. Finally at 45 I went on a beginners course (a birthday present from my wife) and learned to shoot properly. At the end of the course I was torn between taking up Longbow or continueing with a recurve, that I had mostly used on the course. Fate took over as a young lad in the club was selling a recurve bow and a lot of other bits at a very good price. As soon as I picked it up and shot with it I didn't want to put it down. Three years on I still have the same bow although it has been upgraded to a much higher draw weight. I will never shoot in the olympics, and even club records evade me, but you know I really don't care. I just love the focus, the concentration and the satisfaction of making a good shot. I usually know if it is a good shot - even if the target is too far away to see the arrow land. It just feels right. On a good day when I get into "the zone" there is just me, the bow, the arrow and the target all working together.
keymallard keymallard 46-50, M 1 Response Feb 18, 2012

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I feel the same way about it. I tried it in high school and loved it -but for whatever reasons I just picked it up again this year and I'm 45 now. Better late then never. -but oh so enjoyable ! :)