First Time And Loved It

While Volunteery at Amberley Museum last year, word got round that I was doing archaeology as a degree. Theres a experiemental village scene where people make bows and arrows, give demostrations of skinning rabbits etc. I was given the chance to feel and hold a bow but i was allowed to shoot it. I said ohh like you do as I always wanted to do fire a bow. The bloke agreeed and showed me how to fire and load up the bow. I managed to shoot two arrows and would love to have more pratice.
boobabloo56 boobabloo56 18-21, F 3 Responses May 1, 2012

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sounds like fun, but my weapon is my sharp wit. :)


Is Amberley Museum the one in a chalk pit? I have never been in but passed by many times during my time as a student in Portsmouth.

yes in the south downs. Its a disused chlak pit/quarry. Just found out on saturday that where the ticket office and shop is aswell as the lime kilms are a scheudled ancient monument

You have been bitten by the bug! You will have to give it another go now.

I have been wanting to give it another go for ages