Want To Go To An Archery School Next Year

I always regretted that i have no proper hobby. I love doing many things but i wouldn't call any of them my hobby (ok maybe photography is). I wanted to choose something to do with sport but not something boring and common as jogging or joga. Archery really got my attention. Hopefully ill move to another city next year and it has a few Archery Clubs and a school. I really want to join one but not sure if thats for me couse apparently you have be quite strong and im a tiny and not very sporty girl....oh well i think ill just have to go to a test lesson and try.
LaraWantsCandy LaraWantsCandy
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1 Response May 18, 2012

Archery is great, you should really try it! Like keymallard said, you don't have to be that strong, I'm not that strong but I can pull back 50lb draw weight, and in about 3 months I will be shooting 60lbs.<br />
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Archery is an amazing experience, when I shoot it calms me down, makes me happy.