I love to argue (Okay, stupid introduction). There's just something so fun about a battle of speed and wits to constantly throw out plausible evidence to gain a lead on the other guy.  More than that, it can be fun to argue about anything, even random stuff like 'Which part of a chicken tastes best?'

I never argue when/because I'm angry, that just takes all the fun out of it.
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I agree cuz i like doing that all the time and I win 8) but you cant take it to serious just have ƒun.

please differentiate for me<br />
argue<br />
debate<br />
quarrel<br />
complain<br />
and how u would use them in an argument

Yeah! But the breast meat its... uh.. uh..but.. YEAH WHATEVER!<br />
<br />

Well, how do you argue with someone who's witty response is: YEAH, WHATEVER! ( cleaver, eh??!! NOT!) And by the way, the dark meat is juicier and tastier on a chicken! ;}