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I think the best argument is one where you find a way to flex your view enough to incorporate what the opposition says. I have a real gripe with people who are stubborn to the point of sticking to one side without allowing outside possibilities, no-one is ever truly right, especially if the other person goes away thinking they are still right (and you so sure that you are), the point should be to come up with many possibilities that might work…not convince of just one.

However, I do know people who throw up the guard at the slightest hint of opposing viewpoint, I’m usually happy to let these people go on believing they are right, after-all, what do I have to gain by convincing them? All I can do is provide the logic and listen to theirs.

And above all else, personal attacks should always be avoided, like “oh well, what do you know, you were born in…” or ” You’re too stupid to understand” anything that presumes the argument is invalid on the basis of personal facts used as weapons. Petty, if anything I help them see where they might make a little more sense.

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That’s the worst, when someone you care about throws in a lame personal attack. Do your best to stay on topic.<br />
Arguments that bounce from issue to issue (And forgetting original cause) are even more frustrating.

my boyfriend does that crap to me when we're in a heated argument usual over something dumb he'll call me stupid he so damn stubborn I don't like arguing with him cause no matter what he never tries to hear what I'm saying. Any other time he's as sweet as he can be.

i know, what kind of sh-t is that, ridicule me and then love me. thats like beat me and then kiss me

It's more likely their side that would stoop to a personal attack.<br />
And then they'd say "But I still love you"

well put smeb, although i must admit, at times i find myself very stubborn, i'm sure lexus would agree :-) except i prefer to use the word determined. but, i strongly agree, there is no room for personal attacks.

I feel you hit it right on target, some people are so intolerent of others opinion, this is what makes the world and interesting place to be... Hate th think what it would be like if we all thought the same thing, I have friends who are BLEEDING liberals and I'm a STONCH coservitive, we have had many heated debates and always agreeded to disagree.... until next time...we have found middle ground a time or two