I Like Art's Because

well i have liked art fore a long long time i even remeber about 7 years ago i was drawing with my aunty fiona i found that she often drew things like birds and forests of what were never known to me but i some how knew what they were. this was because when my aunty and i drew together i we would connect and we didnt have to really talk because we kinda knew what we were both thinking yes i am awere that this it telapathic (spiratual talking ... using the mind) i am also awere that the halph of you would think i am crazy but i dont really care. so over all i like to draw because i feel comfeted and relaxed i often use this techneck to overcome a depessive state so yeah eva wanna fell happy or relaxed draw and if you fell that you cant do that right down a poem or words that yeally like or even names so i hope you have fun with that n all but i gotta end this some day so yeah bye bye i figger 

Rebirth Rebirth
18-21, M
Aug 16, 2007