I Love Em ^^

I would rape anyone from dir en grey >.< they're all asian and all hot >.<
i love all diff types of em, japanese, chinese, korean ^^ they're my eyecandy in my classes at school
anyways ^^ i like people's personalities, not ethnicity, but i have to admit, those damn asian's are soooooooooooooooo damn hot ><
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hellooo, korean boy here :P

Cool. I'd like to ask you out and have a nice conversation for a start. ;)

When I read your intention to the dir en grey, I feel nervous leaving a comment here lol. But you probably wont recognize any of them if you meet them on the street and they dress normally. Non-asians approached me before but too bad I was too slow. It took me a couple of years to realize what happened when girls approached me.

h he girl , sound like you need some company very soon ........

I feel the same way; about the Asians and about Dir en grey!! I have a major crush on Kyo!!! I would rape him in a second. ^__* haha

Rape me!

I like asians to as I think they have a vague feminine look,but I also know they can be as hard as Iron