I'm White But

I'm white but i always seem to date asian men. I just dont find other men as atractive. of course some other men are hot but still not as hot as asian men to me. my friends always think its weird and make fun of me.
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that's not weird at all. Some white women find me attractive and some of them down right hate me on sight, and they let me know it! LOL. But being the kind gentleman that I am, I don't let prejudice bother me and kindly walk away with dignity. I personally don't like White women, but don't fully or truly understand why some White women find me attractive, I never flirt or show any interest in them, but they still want it, they want this egg roll.

Yea SAME I'm white :p It happened when I saw mblaq(kpop band) and now I love all kpop bands and Korean music that's all I listen to. Now I got my bestfiend lily and other friends to like it now we all like asian guys!:3 I just love there smiles and well everything about them •3•

I'm Asian but have never dated an Asian woman.

thank you. and no, you're not weird at all. :)

Perhaps your friends haven't been ****** well. lol just kidding.

I am an asian man, Indonesian, javanese to be exactly.<br />
<br />
I like family, obey my parent and respect them, loving my wife and take care of her.<br />
<br />
I do my best to make ends meet ( not very success lol) I want my wife stay at home .<br />
<br />
We are happy people.

we need more of girls like you in australia lol

i do notice they tend to be kind of lazy but thats ok i like to be the one in charge ;) lol

Lived in Asian so am sick of Asian men :( soft n nothing hard to chew. i like men who r manly instead of (lazy to describe) emo Asian men :P

asian men in asia are different to the kinds you find in western countries.. the way we are brought up, our culture. We may have the same appearance... but I assure you.. we are not the same in bed ;)

It is annoying and frustrating!!! yet my family eventually got over that fact that I have always been attracted to Asian men, and tolerate me being married to a Vietnamese man, although my sister despises him, but I don't care what she thinks!!

I first saw him in Ninja Assasin and was like "Who are you?" so I looked him up and soooo feel in love with him. I know what you mean about it being annoying though. I've often wondered how I'm the only nonracist in my family.

yeah i know they'll get over it one day but its still annoy to get made fun of for the time being. I love rain too! a korean(female) friend of mine got me into him.

Your family will get over it. My dads the king pubar of racist (white girls date and marry white boys and that is that) but oh well, I married a hispanic for five years (A huge mistake that had nothing to do with his race) dad got over him not being white and just hated him because he saw how much of a **** he was well before I did. Now I'm holding out hope to finally follow my Asian dreams. I don't know what it is, maybe it's the eyes? But no one attracts me more than a good looking Asian man. Currently I cyber stalk Rain (A big Korean pop star who is totally to die for) To me that man is probably the best looking creature roaming the planet. I wouldn't trust me within a hundred feet of him.

for some reason people just arn't very accepting. even my family jokes about me dating asian men.

I was always attracted to and dated only Asian men.( I am White)I don't know why , I always found them very attractive and hot!!My family often wondered why but I never felt I had to justify myself. Now I am married to a Vietnamese guy and we have two sons. Many people are attracted to other races, it should not be such a big issue!