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I'm Black, I Love Japanese Men?

I am not sure when this started, but it's something that I have been feeling for awhile. Of course, I am ridiculed by my family who thinks I am abandoning black guys. How is that? I think Black guys are good-looking and great guys. But, I love Japanese men. Why is it that black women have to limit themselves to only black guys? I don't understand that. When we like someone else, it's looked upon as negative, self-hate, or following the crowd? I cannot help the way I feel. I have dated Japanese guys and I love them. Am I wrong? I don't think so. I learned not to really care as much anymore what people think.
Japanesesakura Japanesesakura 26-30, F 7 Responses Jul 4, 2011

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I am the same way I love Japanese, and Korean men!! This started for me a little while ago, but I am strongly attracted to them and can't help it.

Thank you and I am glad you are strong enough to not care what others think about your love. :)

Congrats! Not for coming to the realization that you love Japanese men, but for having your own mind. Whether or not you find a Black man or an Asian man to be your soulmate for the rest of your life...what's great about it is... it's your soulmate...and it's of your choosing.

Thank you very much for your nice message!


Thanks for the support! I appreciate it.

I am a multiracial gay guy (but looks mostly white) who only dates Chinese guys, so I have the whole thing of dating my own sex, and outside my own nationality against me, and I still don't care what people think. I'm not wrong. I'm very happy!

Awesome! Thank you for sharing your story and the support.

As long as you love him,<br />
<br />
Is good.

As long as you love him,<br />
<br />
Is good.