A Day At The Men's Sauna In China

For those of you who don't know, in Asia, they have these public bath houses or saunas where members of the same sex are completely naked together, showering, soaking in the hot tub, sitting in the steam room, and just chatting, chillin' watching TV, discussing business all completely naked.

So I went to the men's sauna in Handan, China a few days ago, and there was hardly anyone there, but the workers were incredibly handsome, and naked! I guess they figure if everyone else is, and it's hot and humid, then it only makes sense.

This guy was was the floor manager or something was using power drills, and a power sander naked in the shower stalls. That was really hot! I went to ask him where the restroom was just to get a closer look.

This other young guy, about 20 years old, was originally wearing shorts, but then while I was soaking in the hot tub, he just started taking them off so only his butt was hanging out, and started drumming on it. Then he took them off completely and started cleaning the mirrors around the sinks. At this time, he was also randomly drumming on his butt, not knowing how much I was liking it.

Then he and the floor manager were running around like kids, trying to splash each other with buckets of water, or spraying each other with the hose. At this time their dicks were floppin' around like crazy. Because of my reaction to this, I thought it would be safe if I just stay in the hot tub, keeping my lower half (somewhat) out of view.

Oh yes, and the younger guy had a HUGE one about 15cm or 7 inches. He was really handsome too with an asymmetrical haircut, and with the exception of pubes, no body hair. He kind of looked like a cute Korean pop star (with a huge-*** dangler). Later he started to shower, and I went and asked him a bunch of stupid questions just to get a closer look.

Damn, too bad he's not gay!

I still can't get that whole scene out of my mind, so I thought I would share it with those who love Asian men!

Peace out, yo!
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3 Responses May 23, 2012

I know you wrote this two years ago, but I love this story so much! When I first read it, it made me laugh, and I think how much fun it would've been to be a fly on the wall witnessing that (since I'm female and wouldn't be allowed in). Are you sure they weren't gay? The way they were squirting each other, makes me wonder. lol Thanks so much for sharing!

This type of sauna exists in Los Angeles and Las Vegas where men walking around nude without wrapped towel.

Can you tell me what "HON" stands for please. thank you!!!

Lovely thought x