My Mom Thinks Ill Marry Asian Guy

i think really saw interest for Asian guys ,the summer of 08 friend was obsessed Asian everything,but she actually is Asian unlike me well believe great grandmother's mother was Asian but that doesn't really count anyway i spend the whole summer i her year that year and that part of her rubbed of me and stuck and went i was very little i remember growing up around Asian for the first few years of school about preschool-kindergarten living in San-Diego even though i first crush wasn't Asian no-one be surprise if my last is -so ill tell why my mom thinks ill marry an Asian went to some place of business together and when we finally were call in it was the cute Asian guy seen and id been hoping we'd get him only in head(thoughts) ,and we did he cool ,nice,and funny,and his wife must be very lucky lady yeah sad for me he was and is married +he didn't looks or sound too older than me but some i know he is -went me and mother left i kept asking little thing about him like did you notice this or that, but she like why would i and then says you liked him and lie say no!,but i am a horrible lair -then says realized every guy i like or talk about is always Asian or Mexican so whenever i talk her or she talking about me its how ill marry Asian -just great
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I love asian men too... Hope to find my cute asian soon and live happily everafter.. :)

My family feels the same way lol