From a young age i realized that i had an interest in Asian guys (maybe girls too but I don't think i really swing that way..) Being white, it's ironic that I'm more easily attracted to cultures other than those with European heritage. It's funny because even when i was younger, I always crushed mostly on the Asian boys, some Hispanic and black guys, very few white guys. xD Though I have nothing against them and Houston is just...full of different ethnicities.

I never thought I would have a boyfriend, but it happened in high school; he was Vietnamese and I had actually liked him for years before (we were kind of childhood friends.) We broke up very recently and it's doubtful that I will be looking for a relationship anytime soon, but when I think about it, it occurs to me that I'm most attracted to Asians and would like to date an Asian guy again (I cringe because this sounds racist...but not meant to be. There actually isn't anything I'm against or would refuse; I realize I'm most attracted to darker skin rather than lighter; find every culture fascinating in its own way; listen to all types of music in different languages and enjoy every type of food... but in the end i still just seem to find Asians most a non-racist, non-obsessive way.
The thing is, despite physical attraction, there's no way I would fall for someone just based on looks... the personality, values, attitude, etc, are still most important to me and those are the things that ultimately matter. I also fear how my parents would react if i was going out with another Asian dude. My mom thinks I'm Asian-obsessed...sigh (Japanese, Korean, Chinese, and some Vietnamese music happens to be what I listen to most often also) there's that.

Anyway, it just feels good to say that. I'm still going to just take my time and live my life; see what comes to me, not really pursue anything. I'm 21 now, still have to get my life in order, don't hope to have a relationship until least 30....or so.
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hiiiiii i'm korean!
we can get our life in order together :d

Don't be ashamed of it. Attraction is attraction! I don't see it any different as being attracted to a muscular guy, or a skinny guy.