I Am Asian

hi I'm from Malaysia,chinese
I thought people at US don't like asian?
kik me@yuliang0923 if wanna be friend :)
yuliang0923 yuliang0923
18-21, M
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Well, I love Asian people.I think they look so good and they are very mannered(very important thing nowadays) and smart,and I have a lot of respect for them.
I don`t live in America, but everywhere you `ll find racist people,but there are a lot of open people too.:)

You are crazy.........hahaha I love the asian people...Here where I live i don't see them ......They are so smart!!!!

not true l love Asian men they are wonderful l only date Asian men

I love Asian Men, maybe not everyone here in America, because there are racist people, but there's racist people anywhere you go. Unfortunately

Or you know, there can just be people you just dont like a certain race as for dating them, and what not

People don't like people everywhere... NOT just the US.
Only some rednecks etc. are racists.