Socially Awkward

Every time my Asian guy senses are tingling, I swear I turn to stone. Asian have nothing on Medusa when it comes to me, man. Just this morning, on a bus, I saw this guy I've been analyzing (checking out) for a while now enter the bus. He's tall, Chinese, slightly chubby but endearingly socially awkward.

Today he decided to look up, and I was terrified enough to freeze, looking at him with wide eyes and a beat red face. He turned his head and continued to look out the window, only with a smirk on his face now.

Needless to say, I panicked, looked down, and almost ran out of the bus when it was my stop. He's not the only Asian boy to make these cheeks flare up like an Italian's oven on Thanksgiving.
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1 Response Dec 22, 2012

I don't know if it's socially awkward...or you're just shy. I'm shy. When I met my wife...the only thing I could say was..."Hi".