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I am Australian and I like Asian men. But why is it so hard to find one who wants me? Is itbecause I already have a son?
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hey there... i just wanted to throw in my two cents as a korean american guy.
we arent categorically anything as asian guys. we are all different types and personalities... as an older asian american, i can definitely say there were some barriers to approaching white women because of the sexual stereotypes that im sure we are all familiar with. in my personal experience, which is limited to say the least, it was always harder to feel confident around non asian girls and white women in particular. you could say i had to undo a lot of brainwashing to feel the same around all different types of women today.
basically, what i am trying to say is you may need to be a more proactive, dare i say even aggressive, with asian guys of a certain age because the older we are, its just a fact that we've experienced more racist sexual attitudes than younger asian guys have. its not fair to say we are sexually passive, there is just a big mental hurdle for a lot of asian guys of a certain age that is hard to undo. that is why i tip the hat to older asian guys that were the pioneers in breaking the barriers, because it took more balls than a lot of people realize.
sorry if this was long.

I'm Asian guy who would die to hang out and be in a relationship with. White girl. But ever time I asked a white girl out or buy her a drink she turn me down :( i can only admire those guys who are dating a white girl.:)

More than doesn't have to do with you having a son. Rather, there is probably a cultural thing going on. Asians that I've known aren't overly forward. They don't want to offend anyone. It's been my experience that the more I try to find a girl...the harder it is. When I stopped looking...the girl of my dreams came to me.

i don't know your situation but i would say go teach english in Asia for a year, 6 months. Take a class in an asian language, watch asian cinema, take martial art classes. hang out where the asian men are. Knowing their cinema, understanding their culture would go a long way.
In traditional cultures you marry within your culture but of course there are many examples where that was broken.

Possibly if the Asian guys you approach are not westernized enough.
(Divorce is rarer in Asian countries although things are changing as the Asian societies are developing individualism values). So guys like me who is still under Asian-Asian cultural influence might be reluctance to approach someone with kids.