I Love Only One

I dont mind whether man is asian, european, american or african...  but yes,  I do love one Asian boy, my special man.

But i didnt fell in love due to his origin, because that time i didnt know from where he comes. I didnt know anything about him, I just felt he is unique.

bublina bublina
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10 Responses Sep 15, 2008


ahh, I had to rate that up for you, sweet!

africa man ????? whoooo? any idea?

*nudge-nudge-giggle-giggle* <br />
European? Only Hugh Laurie a.k.a Gregory House, MD. MWahahahha :D

shocking... coz almost everyoone imagine Japanes, Chinese when someone say Asian... .. thats why its a bit shocking when they realize he is Indian, Israeli...

hehe, yeah CrippleCrow.. it's even more shocking :)

hahahahahaa... noo.. he really doesnt look Japanese... <br />
hm...but you... aaah.. you look Korean <br />
hahahaha :P

hahha... yeah.. :D its ok... many people when hear asian imagine Chinese, Japanese...

LOL... think about continents... hahaha...<br><br />
In which continent does India lie ???

hahaha... yes i know many things about him... now i want to know what he is doing..???