Why Asian?

I could simply tell myself I like them because of how they squint at me, but basically... I just find (mostly Koreans) to be beautiful. I have a half Korean friend and I absolutely adore him. The other day when he fell asleep with his head in my lap, I merely just stared at him and smiled. His face was like a statue and I found it to be gorgeous.

I can't help it, so I might as well roll with it.
I have a "thing" for Asian males.

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hello, i'm full korean, kiss me. :P

Your story was short...but I could imagine it in my head. Don't roll with it...seek what makes you happy. If it's in the man that fell asleep in your lap, then embrace it and never let him go.

Nice post! Asian men are, indeed, quite beautiful. Personally, my tastes tend toward East Asian men (Chinese, Korean, and Japanese). Tony Leung/ Liang Chaowei/ Leung Chiuwai is absolutely the most handsome famous person I can imagine. I know he's a bit older, but so am I. I remember as a young girl, just before becoming a teenager, having a crush on Bruce Lee. There was something I really liked about him, but I didn't quite understand it then. The first person I ever really loved was a beautiful Vietnamese young man whom I was too scared to admit that I loved back. Asian men are the best!

I really have a thing for sharp facial features. I find it different from an African's sharp facial features. I wouldn't say it's the skin tone, but the light bounces off a certain way that makes me swoon. My ex is Mexican, but people always think he's Asian, and he had long lashes and an eye-smile to die for~ Maybe that's it! I'm an eye-smile fanatic...

a nice read --especially since I'm just about to go Zzz... ;-)

u are right...axelval..they were soo cute while sleeping, thats why I use to call my fiancee sleeping beauty prince......

Asian guys are cute, but they get 10x cuter when they fall asleep XD

wow!!! it amazed me how these stories i came across about different women findind asian men are beautiful. Its so natural for me to feel this way, because i'm asian.. . Speaking from a asian women, i had my shared of dating some of the most beautiful asian men, but let me tell you...the most beautiful asian i found in men is indeed the koreans....i loves tall men , therefore koreans commonly known as the taller of asians.... i was lucky enough to have found someone as my fiance. He's 100% korean and let me tell you, we've been together now almost 4 years and soon be be married and not a day goes by i donn't look at him and think to myself how lucky i am to be in love with a beautiful man that worships the ground i walked on.... my girlfriends teased me often how they'd totally take him if i decided i nolonger want him. Well that will never happened because he is my soul mate!!! Good luck you you on your journey in finding happiness with a asian man....they are beautiful, I AGREED!!!