Im african female But Like Asian Men

What i mean by Asian is west Asian guys ( Korean, Japanese etc.). i don't know when it started but i always think there are hot when i see them. Sadly whenever i tell my friends that i do, they stare and taunt me saying " you need to black man because he can handle that " ,this is the part where i roll my eyes . I'm mixed so I've never understood the barriers between love and race but does any one feel this way?

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I had a great friend. She was a beautiful Black girl. She wasn't just beautiful on the outside...she was beautiful on the inside. We clicked on so many levels....instantaneously. Her Black male friends absolutely hated me. Needless to say... the biggest barrier to our friendship wasn't between her and I, but the pressures of her friends. She wound up dating one of those ********...and he treated her like crap. So, don't worry about what others think. You give into the pressures of others and you'll be bullied into something that you don't want. I'm not saying Black men are ********. Far from it. I have a lot of Black friends. Forgive me if I left that impression. But what I'm saying what you want to do...that's the only way for you to find true happiness.

Follow your heart
Life is about joy
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I love this post!!! I'm also mixed but every since jrhs I just find myself extremely into Asian guys. I love Koreans, Japanese, Thai etc and now that I'm in college I'm talking to a Chinese guy thats super great hope it all works out :)

Good luck

I am a Chinese guy and I am with a nice Nigerian American girl. My Chinese friends in China are mostly racist. They admire my courage to try brown girls but in the meantime are disrespectful to her, even in front of me. Because they didn't think I was serious about my girl and thought it was just a fling. I raised a lot of eye brows by giving up all I have in China and following her to the United States. In hind sight, I never regret meeting her or staying with her for a second. I just wish I had stood up for her more when I was in China. It's true that I wasn't very serious about her at the beginning. Therefore, I just laughed it off when my friends made fun of her or called her names behind her back. <br />
Now that I am in America and am fresh off the boat, I became the victim of racism. There are mean people calling me names and made fun of my eyes. That's when I realized racism is just some bullshit. Racist people are close-minded and inconsiderate. They think they are better than those who are different from them which is not true. The world is such a beautiful place because there is so much diversity.<br />
By the way, I read so many you ladies be interested in Korean and Japanese guys, why about us Chinese? We look just as good as they are. And we are East Asian guys not west, cookie93

Im a black girl of caribbean descent and I lovee asian men. Like you Japanese and Korean mostly. My problem is more of the lines, Do they really like us back? I saw the link LananaXxX posted, but that's more American Asian. I'm talking straight from Japan type of asian. I have a guy friend that's Japanese who visits the US every year and we shared a bit of sweet times, but never really went any further. I get confused when we talk via internet and so on when he goes back because nothing is really ever clear. Does he want me or not? I do understand that most asian men straight from asia has a problem expressing how they feel.

Words are wonderful
Have a heart to heart chat and get your answers
All the best
I luv caribbean girls

I date a Chinese guy. <br />
I am mixed as well. <br />
People will always try to tear you down but you can't let that influence you.<br />
Wish you many many Asian men. Lol

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I think wolfman is wrong! There are short, tall, slender and big people you can find in any race!!! Is Yao short?

I feel you on that too Cookie93! I am also mixed and I think asian guys (esp. Japanese and Korean like you) are hot and even more so when they are mixed with caucasian or black, they have always been hot to me and for some reason seem to be attracted to me a lot :) You go girl who cares what your friends think! It's your life and you should go for what makes you happy :)

Why does this have to turn into name calling?

Wolfman... hey, just because you can't laid,<br />
doesn't mean you shouldn't put others down with baseless comments like that.<br />
<br />
Also, <br />
you may also want to grow an actual ****,<br />
you racist piece of **** ******* *********** ************.<br />
<br />
Have a nice day!<br />

There are no barriers except the ones you put up yourself. Your friends can roll their eyes all day long, what is the difference? You know what you like and have all the right to go after it and enjoy it. Racists suck!