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I'm a gay white man who thinks young, thin, handsome Asian guys are sooooo HOT!! I have many Asian friends that I chat with online. Most of them are from Thailand and the Philippines, and I had a long-distance relationship with a Taiwanese guy studying in Reno. I still miss him and think of him a lot, but I ended it because he was just too far away and I wasn't able to move to Reno to be with him. (My last bf was Native American, with the same skin tone as many of my Asian friends online.)
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There is lots about an Asian man to love and from my experience lots of passion in the bedroom.... and its so not true regarding the size :)

I'm a bi white male, and only see Asian men. Sexually, they're so hot. I've sucked at least sixty different Asian guys. I can't get enough of them.

maybe we could be friends then. im asian