The Cutest & The Most Beautiful

She is very shy that much I can admit. But I am even more shy. She is so beautiful and cute even her smile has a warmth to it that I seem to feel whenever looking into her beautiful golden brown eyes. Unfortunately for me, I have never really had a girlfriend (a few girls that liked me but not a lot) and have never dated. She currently works in an oriental restaurant that I locally attend. Whenever I walk in there butterflies arise in my stomach and my knees go weak. Whenever I see her my heart races and skips a beat. Those thick kissable lips that await someone to press their lips agianst them. I want to hold her in my arms and kiss her passionately. Tell her I love her. But alas, how can I speak with what is in my heart?

I have no confidence, no game, am shy in proclaiming my love towards women, and have no experience in the dating world. In short, I am a loser. A loser in love. If I can just sweep her off her feet and say "Babe, I need you and love you. We go together like the taijitu. Every yin needs a yang and I need you." Sorry if that sounds cliche as I am into Taoism. Right now I am dating a ladyboy in Thailand. Hopefully, I shall be able to go there and meet her. Two beautiful women but I am unable to see them. The one in Thailand is adorable. Her lips are big and juicy. Thick and sexy one might say. I do not care if she is a ladyboy. If that was the case, I would've never made an account on a ladyboy website. I figured if one doesn't work out I could move on onto the next one. Fat chance. No women is ever going to want to date me. My last romance failed and that was with a Korean woman.
Bursting20 Bursting20
18-21, M
Jan 8, 2013