My Asian Wife

My wife is Filipina and dresses very slutty all the time,she always gets a lot of attention when we go out to bars off guys but I find it a turn on
johnnyrumble johnnyrumble
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2 Responses Jan 13, 2013

You guys are sooo lucky:( I envy you. I wish I had one. I would love her dearly.

I have a hot Asian wife too. Would you like to photo swap? Sha likes to get sexy in front of the camera and has even made some slutty videos for me. But she is still not ready for another ****.... Yet!

Hi Pink, my wife is Japanese. Very hot too. She lets me take sexy photos. We used to do video too but now she is nervous that somebody will see. She is very sexual and horny all the time She did experience other ***** on a few occasions. Even though she is very shy, she does not shy away from ***** LOL Lets chat

yes, lets chat!