My Masters Gallows

I'm marched up unto my masters gallows almost every Saturday night. The trap door swings open at midnight. Sometimes with an audience, sometimes just for my master. Everytime I see the gallows, with my favorite white silk rope noose, i get wet.
Sometimes when I'm a good girl, he binds my hands in front so that I can play with myself while I choke, dancing on air, by my little pale neck.
The best is when I'm whipped before the hanging, while I look up to my noose, with an audience looking on, getting turned on by my humiliation and pain. I know, on those nights when there's an audience and my hands are bound behind my back, I'll be used by the men and women in the crowd after. My little ******* and ***** will be gapped, my throat will hurt, and by morning all I'll taste for days is ********, ******* and ***.
Another Saturday night, another night I'll swing by the noose. Another night of dark kinky sex.
hangingslavegurl hangingslavegurl 18-21, F 1 Response Sep 20, 2013

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where are those saturday nights?