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Owners Manual

With an accurate natal chart you possess your "Owners Manual" for this life. The same way you get an owners manual with the purchase of a new car or a computer, etc.; giving you information on the abilities & limitations of the product along with operation & care instructions; astrology provides you with the same kind of information about "YOU".
This manual will tell you what your abilities are & how to use them to your best advantage. It will tell you your limitations & the areas you have no interest in. It will help you understand your planetary cycles & how to use timing to make the most of them. It will tell you why you think & feel the way you do, in addition to where you feel comfortable working & living. On top of all that, it will tell you who you are compatable with & why you don't like certain people.
All this can be had for just the input of accurate birth data & a willingness to accept yourself just the way you are & work with what you have brought into this life with. Here's wishing you high mileage & low repairs. And a great trade in value.
bcvegas4u bcvegas4u 66-70, M Mar 27, 2012

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