I Am Leo-hear Me Roar!

Hello! So you're here to hear another story. Why thank you! I have many...
I am Leo. My birthday is July 22, and the year-I am not sharing everything here. Yes, for those who know astrology, I am born on the cusp. It is the day that one sign changes to another. The person is one or the other, yet retains some of the other sign's characteristics.
Some of you already are familiar with me . Others who are on the fringes wonder. I will reveal all.Check with the other lions or lionesses; they'll say it's true.
You will see me coming. Or more likely hear me. A lion is loud. I am a female, but I will use the male term-it is the correct context in the English language. Punished by our English teacher in grades 5 and 6, I learned grammar well. Five or six boards of high school grammar, I learned quickly. My love of words and of reading started at age 4. My oldest brother was four years my senior, but I devoured his books eagerly. But I ramble...I would love to talk to you. We love to learn; to think; to discuss. I will talk to you about anything, everything. I want to hear about you-every single bit from before you were conceived to your destination and beyond. I will tell you about me, should you ask. I will tell you clearly, honestly, and at great length. I will disagree, tell you why, and accept your view. Because I want to and I have to.
I have my own style. These big cats do. I do not follow trends. I don't have to and I don't want to. I wear what I want when I want. But not at work. But I bend the rules. I disagree with some. They are stupid, arbitrary. I won't have them or be told to follow them by stupid people who know nothing about what really happens. Idiots! I told them and I will fight them like a lion would. And I will win or die trying.
If you are my friend, you are fortunate. I chose you because you are special, unique, and I want you in my pride. I will take care of you. I will nurture you. I will challenge you. I will dry your tears; help you up; assist you in anyway that I can. I will laugh with you too. There will be lots of laughter because it is the best way to get through life. And smiles-don't forget them. Pass them along to the others. Then they'll pass them on too. We will share adventures. We will walk together. Or you can walk alone for awhile. It's fine with me. Come back whenever you like.
I resemble a lion. My mane is curly, tangled, and wild. Break brushes on it. Small framed, but powerful. I work hard. Then I play hard. Little phases me.
I deal with matters passionately. I handle anything life throws at me. If not immediately, then I will find a solution. It can be solved.
I move quickly. Like a lion does. But not impulsively. My moves are coordinated and purposeful. Nothing is wasted. Smooth and flowing...
I have many interests. And they all excite me. Many things on the go. Many things to learn. Much satisfaction in doing this. Big cats love life and it shows.
And I am on the cusp, remember? Cancer. But that is an ugly word. Conjures images of pain, suffering, torture, and strife. So I will call it something else because it will be better. And I can do this, I am a Leo. It is a crab. What does a crab do? It has a tough exterior for protection that goes everywhere it travels. Don't get me wrong. I love sick people. My patients are content with me. Intuitively, I know what they need to heal, to control the pain, to make them strong, to face the recovery, and to laugh. I won't come into your room in the hospital with an agenda. I won't tell you what to do. I will ask you what you want to accomplish. And we will. Together. I will motivate you. I will pick you up when you fall. I will praise you when you do something well. I will tell you when you are wrong and why you are wrong. And if you can't be healed, I will help you deal with death in a manner with dignity. You can cry or laugh or scream or withdraw. But I have your back. And you know it. How can I help you? Hold your hand quietly. Tell you a joke. You can scream if you want and I will understand. It is up to you. And you know you have to deal with it.
But being on the cusp means that I don't let people in easily. I demand trust. I will get it. I will let you know my heart's desire when I know you are my friend. Not before. I will know yours much earlier. But your secret are safe on my lips. I will draw my last breath and no one will ever know what you have told me in confidence. If I make a mistake, I will learn, and apologize quickly. You will know it is real and true.
And I love my family and my home. A lion protects his pride to the death. A lion treasures it's mate and its cubs. Always. Forever. My home is my den. I surround myself with the things that I love. They are cherished because they hold value-not material value, though some are expensive. Sentimental value. They remind me of places I've been and people I've known. Colourful rocks and shells from the waterside; trees from my journeys; Mexican blankets; sculptures; photos-well, you get the picture. I will cook for you. Anytime, anything you want. You can help or watch. When you enter my pride, you are a member of it. Welcome. I am Leo-hear me roar.


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Apr 1, 2012