I Have Had Many Comments While Wearing Aussiebums

BY GUY AND GIRLS BOTH....  like is that a snake in your speedo?

I was on a crowded bus in Rio and swear I had several hands playing with my tool .. I just about came.....

The booster jock really shows me off


bispeedo bispeedo
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Hi G -
If you have a body like that, I would have made you *** by
getting on my knees and blowing you off.

I like aussiebum nylon swimsuits as well however I have enjoyed n2n bodywear swimsuits as well.

Were can I purchase the Aussiebums?


Where do you buy this Aussiebums?


wow, I want to see the pics. friend me? I thought it was funny that everyone took the opportunity on the bus to cop a feel. Great for you.

I get so turned on by spending all day horney with erections and massive boners while all the time letting as many girls ofggle at me as possible I go up to the dunes and no one is around I **** off . except once about half a dozen teenage girls were smokin pot and really stoned watching me and just kept quiet as mice, I came like I ahve never *** before. they were'nt sure if it was real or not. then one time this same spot I pulled it out and just lay in the sun with an erection and eyes closed I felt lips kiss my **** and suck me off I just loved it no knowing who I just imagined one of those girls , then when i had *** in their mouth I looked up and it was a teenage boy from college who was so cute and he just got up and left. oh my god it was the best head job and he was so sexy I just go back to see him quite alot. he rimmed me it was out of this world never on my life did I imagine that would turn me on oh my god. I loved it.

great fun for you. love a random Blow Job

I wear my old style speedos made from nylon - elastane ( not the thick stuff they use now) it is micro thin layer and barley covers you. I cut the lining out and being bronze coloured they are so see thru when wet and hug the luch box like spray on paint. you can see everything. I go into the water and come out its as if I am wearing nothing. I lay on my back on a towel and just get bigger bulge as it swell due to dozens of young girls giving me attention, I go to the out door showers and its as if I am naked, I will go to a shop at the beach and just lean up against a wall and wait while heaps of girls will sit and stare laugh giggle alot, screech and comment they love it, girls will come up and talk to you. I was laying on a beach and alot of college girls walked up the beach and I had a huge enormous ***** and it was obvious they just all sat near and watched. when i set up a towel amny girls will come and set up right next to you. one day I was so horney I just pocked straight up and just touched my balls for a second and exploded every one loves a good hard on.

Me too....love my Aussiebums....wish I'd been on that bus!

Just picked up some aussiebums - cant wait to get them out in the sun...

Yeah, I'm Bi too and love swimming, skin-tight speedos, and have been felt to climax in my speedo. I did that also to other guys at the beach and in swimming at the pool. Seems that that guys want it to happen and to do it also.

Wish I could have that luck!!!

Very hot pic man!

Similar experience on the back seat of a bus in London. I was stroked by another Guy had his jhands down my suit under my Aussie Bums. He withdraw but already soaked with pre ***.