Been Craving It...

Don't know when the bug bit me.. But I've been craving avocados alot recently...

The first time I ate an avocado was when I was 6 years old in Queensland Australia. I went there on a family holiday and my father brought us to stay at his friend's place. It was around June there. The place we stayed in had many fruit trees. When lunch time came, there was Avocados... The biggest I've seen so far even when I'm 21 now. The first time I ate it was with honey drizzled over the ripe avocado flesh. It was creamy and lovely. The impression stayed for more than a decade.

Now I'm 21. And I get very nostalgic eating them. But now I try them in sandwiches with vegemite, I eat them on my sushi ... dragon roll sushi... avocado handroll sushi.. I drink them in avocado milkshakes.. I eat them raw with honey and vegemite. Tossed in salads. Owwww.... Now I'm missing those avocados. Perhaps I should hop by the market and hunt for them later on..

jingles8826 jingles8826
18-21, F
Aug 31, 2009