Okay so I recently started seeing this mixed guy which isnt really a new experience for me, however the sex is. I'm kind of into astrology and him and I are both Scorpios (one could only imagine the passion). I dont want to rub it in anyone's face but he is good. I mean really really good. Hes this mysterious being when were clothed but as soon as things start getting hot its like he unleashes himself! He shows his personality most when were having sex. Its incredible! We've only known each other for four months but because of the passion in the bedroom I feel such an incredible pull and connection to him. He's like my bad boy that nobody approves of which just makes the whole thing so much more exhilarating!!!!
beautytilllaunch beautytilllaunch
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Wana bang u, blunt

Good for you babe! Follow your own beat !

Thats the way its supost 2 be . Every tine society puts A lable on 1 of us the rest of the world is ment 2 stay away . I have the same problem , Add me as A new friend Thanks !!