Badgers Are Awesome!

Badgers are great. They are really impressive creatures. They are smart and they are sociable.

They are beautiful too. The British Badger is a protected species. They are a member of the same family as stoats, weasels, pole cats, pine martens, and mink. they are very big and heavy. They have very powerful front claws for digging.

Badgers like peanuts, dog food, bacon rinds, and mealworms( like the kind you can get dried for the bird-table.  If the ground is very hard in spring/early summer, it makes it very hard to raise the young.. so they sometimes need a bit of help. It's illegal to disturb them but you can leave gifts for them, where they'll be found. :P

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we have them here in Arkansas,I seen one once,and he was fat,,,almost as big as a yard stick,,,but short and fat,,,black and white,and some brown,,,hair looks like a skunk not to long thou...mary I love all animals

They seem very similar to raccoons. We have lots of 'coons here and they turn garbage bins over to root for food. They are smart too, I tried using a cord to tie the lid on and they figured out how to undo it by the 3rd night LOL<br />
Even putting a heavy rock on top of the bin doesn't help, they are fairly big animals- maybe 20-30 pounds- and are strong enough to remove the rock or just tip the whole thing over, rock and all.<br />
I don't think they chase foxes though, at least not around here (I don't know if there are foxes here, I've never seen one) they go for household pets instead.

Oh yeah.. They're about twice the weight and all muscle. Built a lot like a little Staffordshire Bull Terrier! With much longer sharper claws! Teeth like a fox, but in stronger jaws. A badger would knjock me off my bike if it ran into my wheel in a panic. Scares me! =P I've seen them turn bins over, here. I'd say they wiegh up to about 40lbs.

I don't see them anywhere. The only time I've ever come across one was when I was really young and there was one near the school. I have a new found respect for them now that I know that they chase off foxes.

As long as you don't corner them, they're lovely. They're often rooting under leaves for juicy morsels, so I call them all Russell.<br />
When I'm riding my bike down the lanes at night i can surprise them and they often run the wrong way and have a near-miss with my front wheel. Dangerous!

I have never seen one either, I don't think there are any where I live. They do sound very cool though.

Oh wow I didn't know they were that big!

There pretty big. Heavy, very powerful. They chase-off foxes.

Aw they sound so neat! I've never seen one before. <br />
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