My Most Favorite Sound And Instrument

Not much of a story here, but since I just joined I wanted to say that Bagpipes are just my favorite instrument and I would love to learn how to play them.  i love of course the traditional Loch Lomond song, Forgive me I dont remember how the spelling is of that word.  But all of you Bagpipe players out there????     Keep on Playing!!!!!!!!   Thanks for giving the world a beautiful musical sound.
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4 Responses Aug 6, 2010

hi, i wish i couldve had them for my daughters funeral, but i did have a good friend sing the song by bette midler, the Rose, it was beautiful. when i got married, abt 3 months later, wouldve been the weekend my daughter would have started college, i had my friend, sing it again in memory of my daughter before the service, it was so nice. i wouldve loved bag pipes at my wedding too. suprised at myself, cause i dont remember even thinking of them, was a really hard time.

Bagpipes can be some of the most solemn or the most uplifting sounds I have ever heard depending on the occasion. I want bagpipes played at my memorial service some day.

Thanks, mr moo-- i actually spelled something write? call my 6th grade teacher, lol......have a great day!

Thanks, I do believe we will! (and yeah, you got the spelling right of Loch Lomond)