Heritage and Family

 My paternal grandmother was Scottish, so maybe love for bagpipe music is just in my blood.  I love the sound of them, and always enjoy listening to someone play.  Add to that the fact that my mother's cousin plays the bagpipes, so at family gatherings he used to play for us, it means that bagpipe music has a very strong connection to family for me.  

A few years ago, I travelled to Scotland, and saw people playing bagpipes in the street the same way people play guitar on the streets of San Francisco.  I then got to see the bag pipers play in the Military Tattoo.  I am glad that the tradition is still alive in Scotland.  It seems that bag pipes are in San Francisco as well: I am sitting in the EP office listen to bag pipe music filtering in through the window.  

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all the scots came from ireland in the year 495 they were called the scottis so given us the name of scotland