I Would Like To See The Numbers

I saw a story saying I like George Bush.......there were 2 stories with 21 members

I believe that more EP members like Obama.

If we have more EP members who like Obama I will be satisfied that more`EP members are Intelligent thoughtful patriots than there are neocon zombie automatic followers of the lame neocon line of lies deception and half truths.

Please don't disappoint me.....smiles

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Duped. It will take another 40 years before most of the people on EP figure it out but by then their kids and grandkids will be duped. Duped or communists under the NWO. Divide and conquer. Republicans vs. Democrats. Bush vs. Obama. It's a frekin passion play to make everyone look in the wrong direction...and they are. Is it a matter of brainwashing ? IQ ? Denial ? Righteousness ? Does'nt really matter, democracy is an illusion regardless of the cause. Bush and Obama are the same people. Puppets that are placed by the global elite. Voting is not real.

My how creative fascade...........did you come up with that echo effect all by yourself?<br />

"...Obama over Bush as far as personality not substance."<br />
<br />
"...personality not substance."<br />
<br />
"...not substance."<br />
<br />
"...not substance."<br />
<br />
"...not substance."<br />
<br />
"...not substance."<br />
<br />
"...not substance."

Sorry Drew, I don't go for that one...<br />
I don't support someone because they won an election...<br />
We may well be "one country" here, but we aren't all the same...

Drewberry has left the building.<br />
But she is absolutely correct...except about Bush.<br />

There is and has been a shadow government that has a vice grip on America.<br />
Many presidents and vice presidents were or are members of many groups that are working hard to see a forfit of our constitution.<br />
To combine USA Canada and Mexico.<br />
As far as I am concerned this is TREASON and there is no other word to describe it.<br />
Americans however will continue living their modest and boring lives until it is too late

He's our ******* President PEOPLE. I support him just like I did BUSH when he was President. Why don't both sides present thier plan for Health Care (which is my primary concern) - and let the MAJORITY RULE by Public Vote.<br />
<br />
I'm sick of all the ******* PARTISIANSHIP. Come on PEOPLE We are ONE COUNTRY.<br />
<br />

I find it Ironic that people who stick up for Bush tend to use the term "Conspiracy Theorist" as an insult. The sad truth is that they are an ill informed group.

I see that those of you who chose to post without reading the thread throughly are more numerous than those who know to read first then comment.<br />
If this continues I will take this stroy down

My eyes are wide open........I have known for many years decades even about The Trilateral commission and the Rothchilds and the Branderbergs and the Council on Foreign Relations.<br />
I have studied the Whole New World Order movement for a long time...I am no fool nor do I suffer fools lightly.<br />
The New World Order is the most insideous threat to humanity that has ever come along.<br />
I do get caught up occassionally in doing the back and forth political banter with some that I consider to have the IQ of a carrot........but I am always watchful for the ones who wish to control the world by any means they can.<br />
Thanks again to Undertone for supplying links to videos that have given me a refresher course

To comment on the earlier comment: <br />
Pearl Harbor and 9/11 were both false flag attacks that only sheep believe in.<br />
<br />
My Freedom is not worth the "Price" of believing a lie.<br />
Please note that I do not believe in terrorists...<br />
<br />
But, I've been through that argument with folks before.

Who cares if people "like" Obama? I "like" my mailman - it doesn't mean he's qualified to run the country. Mr. Obama has personified the Peter Principle. Talk about zombie followers...jeez..

Once again in the videos you have supplied it states that they are not against one another but that the election was used as a diversion for their covert activities to reshape our society.<br />
I am saying this is a continuation of that diversion.<br />
His real name is in fact Barack but they called him Barry as a nickname to let him better fit in in America

99% of politicians use a teleprompter

Good.......I thought you were really mad..........smiles<br />
When I have more time I will try to find it.<br />
<br />
There is something to be said for republicans using that to divert attention in an election and even thereafter to continue harping on something that may not be true.<br />
Even if true his mother was a citizen thus making him a citizen by birth right

I saw a copy of his birth certificate on line just before the election......I wash I knew the <br />
<br />

I agree to a large extent undertone but I am talking about the likeability of Obama over Bush as far as personality not substance.<br />
I despised seeing Bush for the last 8 years.......very arrogant and uncaring

Puck.... you have to do better than that

Speechless some would say Bush allowed 9/11 to happen........he was warned about the threats.<br />
He did nothing to avoid the incident.<br />
I personally ask the questions,,,<br />
#1) "What could a president do to achieve complete and utter support for doing anything it took to protect the people of America ? <br />
Answer allow something so horrific that fear grips all Americans so deeply they feel hopeless.<br />
<br />
#2) "How could a president limit the freedoms of America and make Americans think it was their idea ? <br />
Answer: Maintain that fear at a high level<br />
#3) How could a president supress the population against possible backlash and possible revolt ?<br />
Answer: Make people think arrests are possible where people disappear and without charge and end up in prisons never to be charged or given trial.<br />
<br />
#4 How Does an administration have a free hand in disassembling America;s strength and reduce America to an equal with Europe and Japan and for what reason ? Look up the Trilateral Commission and their goals<br />
<br />
Think about it

Yes, Just like the general consensus was in the middle east after all those apologies, they had more respect for Bush. His refusal to honor the col ores, giving :shouts out" during memorials of fallen soldiers, 7 lies in 2 minutes, 8 lies concerning transparency and the health care bill being carried out on C Span, 57 states., " I see dead People" unable to pronounce Corpsman three times in a row./...and that is just scratching the surface

Here's one from fatalcharm's story<br />
<br />
Posted by puck61 on Mar 6th, 2010 at 8:45PM <br />
He has more to fear from his fellow radicals than he does from us.

Puck if you aren't fond of bush we at least have that in common........he nearly destroyed this country.<br />
Obama has a lot on his plate to solve and I think he is the more capable of any president in the last 4 decades.

Many conservative libertains aren't to fond of bush Either. it's th constant whinning from the left that always gets me. The whinning, the fiscal Fairy tales, and the hypocrcritical and double speak'<br />
<br />
PS. I keep hearing the same thing from the left also.

Sometimes repetition is the key, however the facts remain. Let me see these duplicate posts

I imagine if you try really hard you might be able to grow up and stop with the same comment you have used in 2 or 3 other stories .<br />
I don't mind you having your own opinion just find different ways of saying it from one story to the next

He has his own agenda and he could care less about the people that voted for him. His greatest threat comes from the left, not the right. A person is known by the things they say and the company they keep. Hide and watch!