Amazing Beaches -Thailand

Have you ever heard about Thailand? If the answer is no.. then you should Google it! But if you say yes.. then you might know that Thailand have so many BEAUTIFUL AND WONDERFUL BEACHES.. which is very famous all over the world! And you know what's great? It's pretty cheap here! You can make yourself at home at five star resort or having wonderful Thai massage or even eat the delicious luxury food by spending just a few dollars!!! Trust me.. if you're the one who really LOVES THE BEACHES! And you don't have that much money but you wanna have such a great time of your life. Just give Thailand a chance to be in your list!

If you have any questions about the beaches in Thailand or even the places to travel in Thailand, feel free to ask me! :)
And of course it's for free! so don't worry! i won't bite too :D
ThePartOfMe ThePartOfMe
18-21, F
May 15, 2012