Bedwetters Are Too Cute.

Ever since discovering my love for diapers, urinating, and messing, I've always been attracted by the idea of a boy who wets his bed. I think part of it is a natural maternal instinct coupled with a sexual desire to be near a guy who can't control himself. Admittedly, as a constant diaper-wearer for going on several years now, I have two or three nights a week where I soak without realizing it in my sleep (not because of any issue with bedwetting, but just having become so used to the sensation of pottying when I sleep that it doesn't wake me up). Yet, I'd love to share it with someone.

There's nothing cuter to me than being able to diaper a guy right before bed, to lay him down and care for him, tape him up, assure him that I won't be mad if his diaper leaks. I'd love to cuddle up and excitedly wait for the sensation of waking up in a puddle of his pee. I like to stain my clothes and bed with my own urine, but I'd like to be able to share that experience with a boy who does the exact same so that the odor and wetness would belong to both of us. I could only imagine the things I'd end up doing to a wet guy in the morning!

The idea turns me on so much. Ever since I've experimented with diapers, I've wanted this. I love thinking about it and talking about it!
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Love to be that guy

@crinkleskirt - I hope you find your ideal man. I made my choice in a partner many years ago, long before all the diaper freedoms have come about that so many young people are experiencing now. I'm sure in time you'll find that special one to nurture and be nurtured by. In the meantime, just enjoy each day of living (diapered) as much as you can, knowing that you are being true to yourself. That matters more than anything...

wet bed no , wet sheets ok . i have to have a vinal bed sheet but that crinkly sound tends to help me sleep deeply and of corse diapers and no damn store brands , abena and molicare or nothing . if any one knows of thicker diapers that dont cost as much as bambinos i would love to know but fit matters . i have a weird build slim with a bit of a belly so if they dont ride high enough they sag a whole lot and it is hard to hide that .
not like any one is going to say any thing and be that person that got there *** kicked by the 6'5" guy in diapers :P but yeah i need a woman to change me , i will buy the diapers . xD and i dont mind being dady either long as i can pick you up and hold you .

im the same way pretty much, im exacly that kind of guy, that loves being diapered and making his diapers leak,cuddled and mommied by someone like you, or as a playmate of same age play

Would you still think it was really cute if you didn't get to diaper your guy? Maybe he's like me and would rather go potty in his big-boy pants . . . it's a lot naughtier :)

Not really the same thing as both of you wetting the bed on purpose for fun. Have you thought about doing that?

There would be nothing better than a woman in diapers 24/7 if you asked me. I also enjoy wearing diapers and seem to sleep much better diapered.

Sharing a wet bed with someone who enjoys it as much as you has to be the ultimate bedwetting experience.

Ditto. I love the sight and the aroma of a wet bed, and sharing the fun with someone else is even better. There's nothing finer than rubbing two pee-wet bodies together and rolling around in the puddles on the bed. Mmmmm.

I would love to be wrapped around you late one night and just let go. I like to wet the bed in the morning. I used to wake up before my ex did and I would just lay there and pee all over her and the bed. I never told her it was on purpose tho:)

That's what I think about too :) Pee play has always been my favorite, and while a lot of people might not think that normal of a girl, I don't care. Very little more exciting to me than a guy and a bed we've both put to the test!

You can wet my bed any time you wish. I would love to sleep in your puddle.