Childhood Bedwettings

I did peed my bed frequently till 8, and from time to time till 11, but it was never on purpouse, since i was punished for that.
But when i was in 3rd grade, my situation suddendly worsened, cause my aunt started to live with us, and to sleep in my room.
She was a real ***** and i hated her: she always complained of my behaviour, and many times suggested harder punishments to my parents when i was wrong, sustaining that they were too soft on me.
The floor of my room was old and wooden, making impossible for me to leave my bed during night without wake her up (I tried and failed many times). So, if i woke up in the middle of night, after a wetting, i was forced to stay in my bed till morning, to not wake her and make the situation worse.
Going back to sleep in warm pee was not so hard, but the pee was cold it was really hard for me, and I spent many hours like this. After a pair of nights like that i tried to persuade myself to like the wetness. I belive It was a natural thing to try: lie to myself in order to be more calm, and fall asleep, but was never a sexual thing.
I even tried to pee again when my bed was cold, to warm it up, and be able to sleep sooner, since it could get no worse that already was. But is hard to wet yourself when you are not in an urge and not used to wettings. The few times I was succefful on wet the bed twice, I remember my pee was a lot less than the first one, so the warmness I created did not lasted much.
With the years, complains and punishments for wetting my bed started to grow, since i was too old to wet, so i never ended to really like it, until I was in middle school, but that's another story.
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2 Responses Jul 15, 2010

When I wet the bed as a child with I invariably did I was encouraged just to sleep in it until morning. I soon got used to it. Often I slept in the same unchanged wet bed for several nights as my mother couldn't be bothered changing my bed. She thought being wet and uncomfortable would make me want to be dry at night. It had the opposite effect.

That's tough when parents punish you for something you can't control. It's not like you wet your bed on least....not the first time ;-)