New Mattress Protector

I got a fancy breathable but waterproof mattress protector from, after saving up for it for several months.  Now I can wet the bed whenever I want, but I haven't for a while, because I still would like to find a girlfriend to share the experience with.  I guess I've done it once, since getting the waterproof sheet.  I only had that sheet and a regular sheet, and I peed on the bed when I got home that evening. Then I did something else for a while, and then I went to bed, peeing again to warm it up.  I must have wet six or seven times that night.  At 4AM, my bed was soaked, but my mouth was dry, so I got up and drank a lot of water, and wet the bed twice more.

I washed the sheets the next day, and decided to fix the bed with a regular mattress pad over the mattress protector, and then a sheet.  I think it will be better that way.  Maybe I'll try it tonight!


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2 Responses Mar 1, 2009

well since leaving home at 18 i have never sleep on an unprotected bed at first it was the hard plastic that always let you know why you had that on your bed these days i have soft fabric one side and rubber the other so have no problems when i wake up wet

I prefer to lay directly on a soft plastic mattress protector. And I like the sound the plastic makes. I guess the plastic is the biggest part for me.

Thanks, very very hot, love the repeated bedwettings in one night, drinking lots of water then going back to bed, etc.