A Note To Beer

Deer Beer.

You know, I've had all sorts of drinks in my time.
From Vodka and Cranberrys, Jack Daniels, Southern Comfort.
All sorts of drinks.

And they all give me a twitch, I just can't seem to stomach them, back in the day I would hang out with some co-workers and we would drink all sorts of hard drinks and I got super sick, ever since every time I smell a hard drink I get a twitch, and after hanging with them two Saturdays I had to stop, it just was not for me.

But I've discovered beer!
The first time I did Security Detail at a high profile event when it all was over we helped clean the area after the Horse Race, and we got to keep some of the unused beer left behind!

It was then that I tried Busch Beer, it was AWESOME!
I did not drink enough to get drunk but I loved the taste.
Later in life I tried different types, and one thing was for sure.
Beer is great!

So now I'm sitting here talking about you, I've not had a drink in about two months and even then it was maybe only one bottle, my Birthday is only a few days away.

Well guess what Beer, my old friend.
I'm going to pay you a visit!
I'm going to get a ton of beer for my birthday and get trashed!
It's been a long time, and even when we used to hang out, I never really would get drunk, I'd only have maybe two.

Well this time is different Beer my old friend, like an old lover I look at you and kind of notice an inner trait that I liked about you, but never really got to see that often.
Oh yes, the intoxication!

It's time for me to pay you a visit.
It's time for a party, I'm inviting you and about 20 of your buddies this time beer!
You never seem to let me down.

I love you beer.
Your bro

Dc01 Dc01
22-25, M
Jul 30, 2012