Mmmm.....Beer !

I like Beer, American beer, Turkish beer, Egyptian beer... even non -alcoholic beer,! I love sitting outside a country pub, on a glorious summers day,with the smells of a barbie, drifting on  the breeze. with a glass of ice cold beer, friends you can be at ease with..and the mellow feeling of a day thats gone well.

I like sitting inside,  next to a roaring fire , feet throbbing after  a ramble, and the only thing thats got me up a hill is the reward of a pint of  Real ale, that I look at longingly    before taking  the first mouthful.

Yep, I like Beer, in fact I'm going to have a nice cold glass  right now!

crystalkate crystalkate
51-55, F
2 Responses May 28, 2007

Ha..i SiT Beside u and ENjoyyyy My ICE Tea ^_^

Hmmmmm............I made a New Years resolution to drink more spirits this year. After reading this I'm beginning to reconsider. I think I'll have a Coopers Pale Ale. I'll have one for you. <br />