...I Loved the It, Used to Dri...

...I loved the it, used to drink beer and lots of other mind bender liquids...haven't touched a bottle/glass of whatever, for fifteen  years. Wow! has it been that long? yep!...no longer need, desire, want, crave, or care to drink booze ever again... tried everything with a wine, beer, or liquor bottle known to man...How did I quite? I was fifty years old and decided after having a near death experience, I new it was time- so I just quite, Cold Turkey- not the real stuff...I was a heavy drinker-x,biker, and run a muck fool! When I got to see my future Hell, it made a believer out of me...Hope you people never have to reach that point in life, to make you think about killing yourselves...slowly
Hikrow Hikrow
66-70, M
1 Response Jun 29, 2007

Me too, Hiik. Thanks for sharing